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Fewer Pipes, More Strategy

Fewer Pipes, More Strategy

Customers have high expectations for a business’ applications no matter if they are on-premise or in the cloud. How users experience the performance, reliability and availability of these applications impacts both the employees’ experiences and the company’s brand through its customers’ experiences. In the past, the initial reaction of network and IT leaders was to increase their bandwidth to solve the performance or reliability issues; however, easy to implement, lower cost solutions may solve the same issues.

Consider this: As a business chooses to add more pipes to boost capacity, it introduces costs and effort that may be unnecessary to the business. Also, adding bandwidth still does not guarantee that an application will be able to perform as needed. Toss in the additional internal time expensed for each new network installation and suddenly it becomes crystal clear that businesses need better insights to develop a plan.

2014-12-09_17-46-21The new strategy must account for many factors, including the scale of application growth. It also has to recognize that businesses are continuing to move their applications from private data centers to solutions accessible over the Internet in a multi-tenant environment. This shift from premise-based solutions connected privately to a public connection can impact the performance of the application due to latency, jitter or packet loss. Businesses need a reliable WAN foundation tailored to their unique operational demands.

The solution lies in network optimization and flexible network designs allowing you to securely connect public applications to your private networks. Performance management and control afford organizations the opportunity to right size the network and optimize costs while still providing enough bandwidth to power diverse customer experiences at all locations.

EarthLink offers two managed services to address these needs: Cloud Express and Network Optimizer. Cloud Express supports rapid and easy scaling of network connectivity to public cloud applications and resources to satisfy the needs of all locations. Rather than being pigeon-holed into a single network design, businesses can choose one or a combination of network options, including MPLS, IPsec VPN, or MPLS IPsec to safely and efficiently connect to their locations to the cloud.

Network Optimizer takes the guesswork out of network capacity planning and design, providing application visibility and control. Organizations can maximize bandwidth utilization and ensure they only have to pay for necessary access and capacity.

Over the next series of blog posts, we’ll share more details of each managed service, demonstrating how optimization and flexibility are essential to maximizing the performance, reliability and availability of cloud and business applications.

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Eric Hyman
Eric is the VP of Network Products for EarthLink. He's responsible for the company's product strategy and vision for serving business requiring voice and data services. Prior to joining EarthLink, he was the Executive Director XO Communications responsible for Marketing and Product Development. Eric has approximately 20 years in telecommunications at both large providers and start ups. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in History and Economics from Emory University and completed post-baccalaureate studies at Georgia State University and project management at Raritan Valley. For fun Eric likes to ski, bicycle and follow the NY Mets.