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Connect to the Cloud, But Only if You Stay Connected

Connect to the Cloud, But Only if You Stay Connected

We recently had a large Cloud Hosting customer experience an outage. After a number of hours, we determined connectivity was lost due to a 3rd party vendor performing a firmware update on their endpoint devices without the client’s knowledge.

Initially, a trouble ticket was opened because the customer couldn’t establish connectivity to their environment at our Data Center. The EarthLink Support Team immediately got to work seeing what the issue was, providing updates throughout the troubleshooting process. After the issue had been uncovered and corrected, the customer praised our proactive engagement. They understood the value of knowing, while the issue did not belong to EarthLink, we were there supporting them, updating them, and giving them peace of mind that their problem was our problem too.

There’s value in outsourcing your infrastructure to the Cloud. There’s benefits to shifting your CapEx to OpEx and eliminating operational costs relating to power, cooling, etc. While many companies have a knowledgeable and capable IT staff that work diligently to add value to the business, an outage can still be surprisingly frustrating. If a service provider leaves customers in the dark, those IT people have no vision into the cause of that outage, no ability to troubleshoot, and no updates to provide to their management, or worse, their customers.

While large cloud infrastructure providers can provide cheap resources at bargain basement prices, an increasing number of companies are realizing the value of a provider that offers the management, support, and service they expect from their own IT staff.

Those IT employees are your trusted advisors. You rely on them to support the resources that drive your business, and they should never be kept in the dark as a cost-cutting measure. As a managed services provider, EarthLink Business provides the lines of communication to support that staff in the event of an outage. We monitor your servers and applications, and proactively contact you in the event of a failure (that’s assuming, of course, we don’t spring into action and fix the issue within minutes, before you’re even aware of it!).  After issue resolution we alert you via trouble ticket and a resolution report, so you knew exactly what happened.

When outsourcing your infrastructure, empower your employees by giving them the means to get instant support or constant updates via phone, email, or chat. Peace of mind may carry a small added cost, but how much will it cost your business if you don’t have it?

I invite you to Take a look at our Managed Cloud Hosting Services, and decide which level is right for your business. You can even take a no obligation test drive, after a free consultation with one of our cloud experts.

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