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Escape the Flood of Commoditized Cloud Service Providers

You Need More Than Water

The model for cloud services is sometimes said to be a public utility, like services providing water or power. In this belief, “cloud service providers” are all offering the same features, so price is the only variable that should matter. This is false.

In the early days of electricity, many businesses actually bought all the hardware and generated their own electricity. Then they realized it was much more efficient to get electricity as a service from a utility. In the last several years, businesses have likewise been moving away from capital-intensive, on-premises computer hardware towards purchasing their IT as a service from the Cloud. This is as far as the truth of “cloud services are commodities” goes.

While the comparison of utilities holds for cloud computing in some ways, it can lead to the faulty conclusion that cloud vendors, like electricity or water providers, sell a basic commodity based on price alone with little to no differentiation from provider to provider.

But that is the same as saying all computer providers offer the same product. Different businesses have different needs, and this holds for the Cloud as well. Thankfully, top-tier cloud service providers offer a variety of IT and network services that are customized based on a complete, expert analysis of your business. Work with a provider that takes the time to get to know all the ins and outs of your business, how you work, what your customers need, what your pain points are, what your growth plans are.

It’ll take a touch of researching, but the difference between providers offering bespoke service and those who are trying to shoehorn your business into their products is night and day.

EarthLink Business is proud of our #1 rated managed support services and managed security (and satisfied customers), but you should take a moment to compare providers and really see what they’re offering. Some absolutely will be trying to sell you water, but there’s more to be found.

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