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Seriously Consider the Cloud…You’ll Regret Not Looking Into It

Seriously Consider the Cloud…You’ll Regret Not Looking Into It

I have a friend in the software industry say to me the other day “I don’t know about the whole cloud thing; I don’t think that’s going to take off any time soon or in the near future.” I had to chuckle and ask him if he remembered what I did for a living! I asked him why he thought this, and he couldn’t give me an answer other than it was just a “gut feeling.  It made me wonder how many people agree with him, thinking that the “cloud” is a passing fad that can’t bring true value to a business’ operations.

If someone hasn’t at least considered moving their organization to the cloud, they should do a little research. There is a lot of data out there to indicate that it’s a good move to make!  (Or at least it’s a move to be considered.) Not only can businesses potentially save money, resources, and improve processes, but executives finally have the peace of mind that their infrastructure and data would be available in the event of a disaster.

“Disaster” means something different to everyone that you speak to, as does “business continuity “and “recovery,” but the end result is the same: events can happen to your physical site that can permanently damage or destroy necessary data and files. Businesses should back up their data at a very minimum, and then consider what it would take for their organization to be functional and in what amount of time it would take to regain functionality in the event of a “disaster.”

If your business experienced a loss…could you operate for days at a time without your customer data or inventory listing? How about your point of sale data? Would you be able to sell anything in your store without knowing price per unit because that data was lost if that database or server was wiped out?  My guess is that you could indeed operate for a set amount of days without this data, but not weeks or even months. The cloud is not just for pictures, music and videos anymore; it’s a place where you can rest assured that whatever disaster happens in your location, you’ll have the mission critical data and infrastructure that you need to ensure your organizations’ survival. (But, don’t forget to back up your pictures and music too!)

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