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Cloud Computing is Less of a Gamble with a Central Point of Control

Las Vegas. In many ways, it was the perfect forum to put the topic of outsourcing IT services on the table at the recent 451 Cloud Transformation Summit (see video above).

That’s because, particularly for IT players in the middle market, outsourcing your IT to the cloud and a managed service provider can feel like an awfully big gamble. And while the mid-market seems the most risk-averse (and therefore reluctant to take things to the next level in cloud hosting), they typically have the most to gain from it.

A great number of folks in the mid-market space have reached a point where their hardware or infrastructure is borderline end-of-life, which means they’re facing fairly significant capital expenditures. A cloud-based IT solution could be a huge relief, in both in terms of infrastructure and human capital.

But what we see holding the mid-market business back are issues of trust and control.

Certainly, IaaS offers financial and operational benefits, but many mid-market businesses fear that there’s too high a cost for relinquishing control of their IT to a managed service provider they’re not sure they can fully trust. Because this fear of losing control is holding some of our customers back, we at EarthLink believe that we need to put more control in their hands.

Today’s IT should be up in the cloud, but it should also be well within reach.

That’s why EarthLink is taking the portal concept to the next level with our myLink control point.

A traditional portal has allowed a customer to basically check an order status, create a ticket, check their invoice. In other words … very basic business services.

The strategy behind myLink is different: give them a single control point,…a single pane of glass…where they can not only have a full view of the IT and network services they’ve elected to outsource, but also full control of those services, and you really can become a trusted MSP.

We’re hearing this every day from our customers: the more they know, the more they can see and the more they can continue to do, the better they feel about trusting their business to the cloud and to managed service providers like EarthLink.

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