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Can Your Network Deliver The Potential of The Cloud?

Can Your Network Deliver The Potential of The Cloud?

BCG logoIt’s amazing how quickly the massively important concept we refer to as “The Cloud” became a mainstream phenomenon. It’s one of those buzz words you suddenly hear everywhere. Not just at work, but from everyone, in movies, on TV, and more. But as much as we hear it, it’s still surprising what people don’t understand about it. Especially with regard to the network. The truth is, a good number of people who work in the tech space don’t yet grasp the implications of cloud transformation on their WAN. For many companies and organizations, it’s literally an afterthought.

Obviously, this is something we take quite seriously at EarthLink, and we make it our mission to be sure our customers understand it with as much clarity as possible. But getting the message to IT and business leaders we don’t yet work with is harder. To address this, EarthLink commissioned The Boston Consulting Group to do a study and several reports on the importance of preparing your network to handle ongoing enterprise cloud transformation. And the results have been quite interesting.

The Cloud’s Achilles Heel: The Network

We discovered that while the vast majority of people fully grasp the benefits of their cloud investment in terms of cost savings, innovation and business agility, they are not making similar investments in the network to support and deliver it. Leading us to see the network not merely as a bottleneck to the cloud, but as its Achilles heel (and you know how that story went.)

The first of our reports covers this in much deeper detail; if you’re on your way to the cloud, and you likely are, I think you’ll find a quick download that features EarthLink CEO Joe Eazor to be very valuable.

The Cloud and Network Maturity Curve

There are of course, many states of preparedness when it comes to being “cloud ready.” Much of this depends on what stage an organization is in their ongoing transformation. To help them understand this, we created a tool in partnership with BCG to assess organizational progress on the cloud journey. It’s a quick, cloud-based (what else) survey that provides an analysis of where you are on The Cloud and Network Maturity Curve, which we’ve broken into four stages; Adopt, Advance, Aspire and Excel.

In this case, I think you’ll find that the old cliché that goes, “it’s hard to get where you’re going until you know where you are,” has never been more true.

Where is your organization on the curve? Do you think your own network is ready? Read the white paper, hear from our lead executive Mr. Eazor, then take the test and find out. Looking forward to hearing from you on what you learn.

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Eric P. Hyman
Eric P. Hyman is EarthLink’s Sr. Content Manager, helping guide their content marketing efforts. He’s held similar positions with startups in the cloud and social intelligence space, and has deep experience in marketing strategy, having worked for many years in global ad agencies such as JWT. And with technology clients including Level 3, CDW, UUNET, ADTRAN, Blue Coat, Internet Security Systems, BMC, Manhattan Associates, and Texas Instruments. He’s a graduate of Ithaca College with a degree in Communications Management, and is one of two Eric Hymans at EarthLink (what are the odds of that!), hence the middle initial “P.”