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Delta Outage Behind Us; Lessons Learned Still Ahead


It’s been a few weeks since Delta’s crippling IT outage, and life in ATL (airline parlance) is back to normal. Putting it behind us is a good thing for Delta, and for the general flying public. But if you’re a senior IT or business leader, don’t let this moment slip past without some serious soul searching over lessons learned. You’ll miss a rare opportunity to prepare your organization for the future of digital business, to rethink your network, IT infrastructure ... Read More »

Pokémon Go Highlights Need for Visibility Found in SD-WAN

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The incredible success of Pokémon Go has made headlines everywhere. Most are about the game as a cultural phenomenon. Dig a bit deeper, and there is an important message for people who run enterprise networks and applications, and about the fundamental and immediate need for the kind of network and application visibility and control you get with a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). This may not be apparent on the surface, but the success of Nintendo’s megahit augmented reality game, ... Read More »

SD-WAN vs. SDN: Demystifying the Differences

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Over the past 12 months the buzz around SD-WAN has exploded. It’s becoming to networking what the cloud became to infrastructure and applications. Yet, while the concept of a Software Defined WAN is generally understood, it’s often confused with its technology cousin, Software Defined Networking (SDN). Even by people who seem to be in-the-know. So I thought it was about time someone explained the difference. SDN and SD-WAN have more in common than “SD” SD-WAN and SDN share a common heritage ... Read More »

Why Managed SD-WAN Could be the Right Choice for the Enterprise


As discussed in Part 1 of this post, software-defined wide area networks offer a number of benefits – increased operational efficiency, faster deployment speeds, and deep network visibility and analytics – that make the solution attractive to enterprises. In Part 2 of this post, we discuss the benefits of working with a network service provider (NSP) to tap into their managed services expertise as your organization embraces SD-WAN. What is Managed SD-WAN? Managed SD-WAN is similar to a number of ... Read More »

Hybrid WAN with Software-Defined Tech Sets Stage for SD-WAN


Over the past few years, retailers and other multi-location businesses have focused on issues like protecting their brand by staying ahead of data security and PCI requirements, deploying technology that allows them to engage their customers, and shifting IT resources from day-to-day maintenance towards business innovation and growth. This has led to an application roadmap designed to execute their strategy for enhancing customer experience via multiple integrated channels. It’s a roadmap, I’d add, that relies increasingly on cloud-based applications. Yet ... Read More »