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Why an MSSP Should be Part of your Future in The Cloud – Any Questions?


OK, in Part 1 of this post, I mentioned that when I meet businesses people and discuss security, I receive questions like: “Why do we need a Managed Security Services Provider in the current and oncoming cloud era?” “Does cloud make it more or less important than before?” “How can a third party MSSP manage our applications and infrastructure better than the people who designed and built them?” And I went on to explain that all the things mentioned above make using ... Read More »

Creating a Safer Cloud Infrastructure with Managed Security Solutions – Part 1


One of the questions I’m asked most often is, “Why do we need a Managed Security Provider, and how can a third party MSSP manage our applications and infrastructure better than the people who designed and built them?” The same people often go on to ask if the cloud makes a managed security solution less important than it was before, since another third party provider is now in charge of serving up and presumably safeguarding your data. The realities of the ... Read More »

IPSec VPN: More Bandwidth For Your Buck

Retailers are faced with an ever-increasing demand to deliver more applications to support employees and customers at all store locations. These include mobile POS units, in-store guest WiFi and Social media, data intelligence gathering and more. Retailers want to leverage new technology to deliver a better customer experience, improve store operations and collect shopper analytics, and they must do so in a cost effective manner. Many retailers told us at the 2015 NRF Big Show, that “Skinny T1s don’t cut ... Read More »

How do you detect a data breach you don’t even know occurred?


I recently attended a conference about Enterprise IT Security.  I had heard many of the stories before around the importance of conducting regular external vulnerability scans which are required if you need to maintain PCI compliance, along with diligence around security policy.  But I heard one statistic that really caught my attention; “It takes an average of 134 days from when a security breach occurs to even detect that it’s happened”. Think about that for a moment.  Now add this ... Read More »

How to avoid a Data Breach


There’s nothing more frightening for a company than to get the news from their IT department that a security breach has been identified, and that the extent of the breach is unknown. Recently, well-known companies such ebay, JP Morgan, Target and Home Depot have been in the headlines that have cost their companies millions of dollars to remediate the breach, not to mention the associated penalties and damaged reputation of the business with all the negative media coverage. In 2014, ... Read More »