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How Angry Customers Can Inform and Improve Customer Experience


Guest blog post by Daniel O’Callaghan from Telax.  Even the best, most accommodating and conscientious companies will do something that irritates and thus creates the occasional angry customer. It’s inevitable. At the same time, it’s in every business’s best interest to minimize these occurrences as much as possible. With that in mind, it’s wise to look at unhappy, dissatisfied customers not as examples of failure, but rather as opportunities to learn more about, and improve, a company’s customer service in order ... Read More »

Hosted Voice: Now Available For The Rest Of Us

Hosted Voice Analog option 2

Newsflash: Hosted Voice for business, or VoIP, has grown rapidly, garnering nearly 50% of the market. But what about the rest of us, the other 50%+? What is holding us back from migrating voice to the cloud? One likely culprit is inertia; people are resistant to change. Another is the perceived cost/hassle of buying new IP phones to replace the legacy analog equipment you have. That’s a fair critique. At least it was, until EarthLink launched a new Hosted Voice ... Read More »

Why Consumers are Willing to Pay Extra for a Superior Customer Experience


Guest blog post by Daniel O’Callaghan from Telax.  It goes without saying customer experience (CX for short) should be a high priority for companies of all kinds. If a firm isn’t delivering a satisfying customer experience, then it can’t hold on to its existing customers, and that dramatically limits long-term success. Which makes everything and anything a company does to deliver a superior CX (people, process, software, networks) a high priority. While these general CX concepts are widely understood and accepted, ... Read More »

Here are the keys: Come take Hosted Contact Center for a spin

Subscribing to a hosted contact center application sight unseen is a recipe for disaster. You can’t afford to miss a sales call or send your customers on a wild goose chase for answers. Before committing to any software application, you should test-drive it to understand how it can positively impact your business’s productivity and workflow. Did you know that a majority of consumers use three or four methods  to connect with businesses: web, phone, email, chat and social media?  A hosted ... Read More »

How To Make Your Contact Center The Strongest Asset Of Your Business

Hosted Contact Center

From phone and Web to email chat and social media, there are more platforms than ever that can serve to link patrons to your enterprise. Read More »