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IHL Study: Retailers ready to spend on innovation and its underlying architecture – Part 1


As retailers head to the cloud with more of their applications, many have noticed an increased demand on in-store WiFi. Therefore, it’s no surprise that retailers are focused on upgrading their WiFi over the coming months. According to an IHL Group study conducted in the spring of 100 retailers, 36% of retailers are planning a major WiFi upgrade in 2015 and 80% of retailers will optimize their WAN bandwidth by 2016. IHL Group found that customer expectations for secure, in-store ... Read More »

Secure WiFi: The Ticket To A Better Customer Experience

Businesses need to incorporate free in-store WiFi.

When you're a retailer, the quality of the experience you provide your customers is often the deciding factor between whether they remain loyal to you or take their business elsewhere. Read More »

Are people stepping in front of you in line? What Retailers can do about this.


Have you ever been in a retail store, restaurant or doctor’s office waiting in line to check out and the cashier picks up a phone call while you wait?  If so, then you know how frustrating it is to have a phone call “cut in line”.  After all, you went to the effort of driving to the location and waiting in line.  How is this person calling in on the phone suddenly more important than you?!! As a consumer this ... Read More »

Retail and wireless: Thriving while remaining secure

Customers need mobility - can you provide it?

These days, a store's business doesn't begin or end with the physical store. Read More »

Brings Happiness to Retailers and their Shoppers with Secure In-store WiFi!


As the economy continues to show signs of rebounding, retailers are challenged to retain loyal customers and attract new ones.  To remain competitive, the latest technologies and security measures must be adopted while limiting capital expenditures, while improving customer experience. There has been a myriad of articles and opinions on the impact of social media and smartphone adoption and such influence on customer buying behavior.  CMOs and CTOs have to collaborate and work together to improve their company’s bottom line ... Read More »