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Application Performance Optimization: Using KPIs to Counter Network Conformity


In order to more fully utilize existing WAN bandwidth, a CIO has to ensure employees and customers have the ability to access the right application at the right time with the right performance level. In our prior post on Application Performance Optimization, we referenced Apple’s groundbreaking “1984” TV spot which introduced the Mac to the world. We mentioned it to highlight the conformity of thought IT leaders face when they have to pass more applications and cloud services through their business ... Read More »

Application Performance Optimization: Disrupting the Conformity of “Just Buy More Bandwidth”


On January 22, 1984, Apple stunned the world with its Super Bowl commercial “1984”. That commercial was designed to introduce the original Apple Macintosh computer. The commercial was not intended to be a political commentary, but as explained by the commercial’s creative director Lee Clow, it was about “Apple wanting the Mac to symbolize the idea of empowerment, with the ad showcasing the Mac as a tool for combating conformity and asserting originality.” Fast forward to today and many CIOs ... Read More »

EarthLink Nationwide Hosted Voice Services: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

This particular article strikes me close at home. It has now been three days since Hurricane Sandy ripped through my local area and we are all still feeling the effects of it. Half of Manhattan is still without power or public transportation and the highly populated town of Hoboken, NJ in still underwater. I was lucky enough to have bought a generator before the masses of people stormed the local hardware stores but many residents of the tri-state area are ... Read More »