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EarthLink Nationwide Hosted Voice Services: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

This particular article strikes me close at home. It has now been three days since Hurricane Sandy ripped through my local area and we are all still feeling the effects of it. Half of Manhattan is still without power or public transportation and the highly populated town of Hoboken, NJ in still underwater. I was lucky enough to have bought a generator before the masses of people stormed the local hardware stores but many residents of the tri-state area are still without electricity and hot water. In the midst of recovery, we have to ask ourselves, “How will this impact local businesses?” 50% of businesses that go without a telephone system for more than two weeks, simply don’t recover. By law everyone is required to have insurance for their cars. As a corporate leader that is responsible for providing regular income for a staff of employees, should similar precautions not be taken to ensure the survival of the business? EarthLink’s Hosted Voice Services are here to help!

Since the heart of the phone system exists in the cloud (our secure, weatherproof, collocated data centers strategically located throughout the country) they are protected.  In the event that inclement weather has a negative impact on a company’s physical building, they will still not miss a single phone call. If the building has no power, the calls will still be able to reach an auto attendant or voicemail box (since they are protected in the cloud). Most users will have FindMe/FollowMe set up so that they will still receive the calls on their mobile device regardless of the state of their desk phone. Many of the companies’ offices in Hoboken are now under six feet of water…but those that have EarthLink Hosted Voice Services, they are still getting their calls and are able to keep their business moving forward. Let’s not forget, that if any of those companies asked their employees to take their office phones home with them, they would all be able to work from home with the same features and capabilities and not skip a beat.

I have been without power for four days now, and I expect to be for another four days, but I have been able to keep up with all of my work thanks to features like FindMe/FollowMe, IPCommunicator (EarthLink’s softphone client), and my Commportal (my hosted admin portal with which I can granular-ly handle all of my calls). After you experience the advantages of our hosted products you will think back and wonder how people ever kept such important hardware just sitting in an office IT closet.

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